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If I stumble, I will stumble. If I fall, I will fall.

well i called you the keeper of my heart 'cause i felt that you'd been there waiting from the start
Aang Jerusalem
Fables panel! Moderated by Bill Willingham, with Vertigo group editor Shelly Bond, along with Eisner-winner Todd Klein, Steve Leialoha, novelist Chris Robertson, Matt Sturges from Jack of Fables and House of Mystery, James Jean, and Mark Buckingham.

Matt is signing exclusively with DC Comics.

Coming out next year, Mark is having a huge book done on him with Fables stuff in it by a UK publisher.

Chris is going to be writing a mini-series spinoff of Fables, called Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love. It'll be Secret Service meets Sex and the City. It'll answer the question of what happened to Cinderella's fairy godmother.

There's a Fables novel coming out by Bill Willingham illustrated by Steve Leialoha about Peter Piper and his older brother Max Piper, who grows up to be the Pied Piper.

Early next year, a Fables/Jack of Fables crossover is coming out called The Literals; it runs parallel to Jack and Fables and has a three-issue miniseries that ties them both together.

Question time!

Many of the best issues of Fables revolve around missions, where do those ideas come from?
Bill: I don't have any background, but my mom, during the second World War, was a member of the Manhattan project, so I think some of that was passed along.

I heard a rumor that Fables is ending...?
Bill: Everyone hears this rumor because of the types of series that Vertigo does, but no, no Fables isn't ending. After 75 it sort of begins again, but it's not ending. There is no end in sight for Fables.

Is there going to be some American tall tale stuff coming in?
Bill: I loved the one Jack tall tales Civil War story. There have been some that've been forgotten about that we're bringing back; Little Lindsey Lariat, Captain Scurvy, a camel named Omar, the list goes on and on, so they're in upcoming issues in Jack of Fables.

Which character from Fables is you?
Bill: Old King Cole?
James: Little Boy Blue, we both play trumpet.
Bart: I've always had an affinity with Fly.
Matt: Gary, pretty much.
Chris: Flying drunk monkey?
Steve: Flying drunk monkey!
Todd: Pinnochio

Bill, you started out as a penciler, will you pencil an issue of Fables?
Bill: Well, if I started now... Do we have an artist locked in for Fables #1,000 yet?

Did the three blind mice ever get some?
Matt: With other mice, or each other? *laughs* I guess, sure, in Smalltown.

Is there any chance that urban legends or horror pieces will ever be included?
Bill: Possibly? An issue's coming up that might answer your question.

Fables seems to cover a lot of broad areas as far as characters and fandoms go, was that an original plan for it to apply to so many people's interests?
Bill: Well, usually when we start stories where the audience doesn't really factor into it so much; you don't think who you'd like to see in your audience besides the big answer, which is all of them.

Is a Fables movie on the table at all?
Bill: There's always something underway along those routes, it's one of the reason DC tried to do Fables to begin with, so there's movement, but it's not really going anywhere.

Fables merchandise?
Bill: Not really, unfortunately, or not that we know about. It sounds great, but it's not in our works.

Are any of the evil stepsisters or hags or anyone coming back?
Matt: None on tap right now, but that doesn't mean we can't get some.

What's your favorite letter and why?
Todd: S, because every time I use it, it comes out different, and I can use it differently all the time.

Last year the character to watch was Babe; who's the character to watch this year?
Bill: Oh, it's always going to be Babe.

The more well-known Fables are more resilient in Fabletown; does that rule apply in the Homelands?
Bill: Yes.

Will James ever do another interior story?
Bill: He has a standing offer to do a story whenever he wants, so...
Jean: Well, maybe one day I'll have done enough covers that you can mix and match...?

she strove the neighbour hood to please with manners wondrous winning she never followed wicked way
there's a house built out in space
I GOT AVATAR SIGNING TICKETS. I GOT AVATAR SIGNING TICKETS. OMG. So, let's see if I make it into the line. :D

But! Now, I'm here at Watching the Watchmen with Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff Jenson, Chip Kidd (Mythology, Jurassic Park, Batman Collected), who helped design the book and Mike Essl.

Cut!Collapse )

They showed us lots of pages from the book, and it looks totally fantastic. Wish me luck at the Avatar signing!

we've got year after year to kill but there's no going home
Aang Jerusalem


Okay, give me a second.


*deep breaths* Okay. So, they started with telling us what they're going to be doing soon...Collapse )

I go to sleep happy tonight. I love this show, and this fandom, and these people, and I feel very good.

it's a big a big hard sun beating on the big people in a big hard world
Chair Leg of Truth
DCU: Crisis Managment panel!


if you love me won't you let me know
there's a house built out in space
Back! I couldn't blog at Watchmen; they yelled at me when I brought my computer out because they're frightened of recording the footage they showed, but suffice to say it was TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME AND I AM SO EXCITED OMG OMG OMG. :D So, now I'm here at the Vertigo panel! It’s got Karen Berger, the executive editor/senior VP of Vertigo, Shelley Bond, group editor, Will Dennis, senior editor, as well as Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Joker), Mark Buckingham (Fables), David Lapham (Young Liars), Grant Morrison (Seaguy), Matt Sturges (House of Mystery), Matt Wagner (Madame Xanadu), Bill Willingham (Fables, House of Mystery), G. Willow Wilson (Air), Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders) and a few others.

Off to Final Crisis! This should be very, very interesting.

now now baby it's just textbook stuff it's in the abcs of growing up

I went to the Doctor Who/Torchwood panel, but they made me put my laptop away, so I couldn't blog from it. D: I can't possibly express the awesomeness of it anyway; John Barrowman kissed Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori, and completely stole the show, he and Naoko sang Miss Saigon and he talked about accidentally sticking his hands down Gareth's pants during the naked hide and seek scene. They were all hilarious, Steven Moffatt was hilarious, and I got stuff signed by everyone but Julie Gardner, even though I had to stand in line for three freaking hours. But John Barrowman hit on me, so it was worth it. I think I nearly fainted. I'm still in the process of working through some sort of numb sexual shock.

Crystal is here! (She says hi.) We had a good time last night, and we're going to watch Torchwood and Sozin's Comet tonight, and we're sitting in the Marvel panel now, and people are coming on stage so I should probably pay attention.

The Marvel: Your Universe has Joe Quesada, the editor-in-chief in publishing at Marvel, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, Dan Buckley, the president of publishing at Marvel, and Craig Kyle, the senior VP in creative development at Marvel Animation.

Off to... stuff!  God, I don't even know anymore.

i will not be afraid of women i will not be afraid of women
Aang Jerusalem
In the LGBT in Comics panel now, with Patricia Jeres from, Mark, writer of Manhunter, Perry Moore, author of Hero and exec. producer of The Chronicles of Narnia, Gail Simone, writer of Wonder Woman, Judd Winick, writer of Pedro and Me and is currently writing Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Titans, and Bob Schreck, editor at DC Vertigo.

Aaaand, that's the end of the panel! ON TO TORCHWOOD AND WHO.

it's a long way down to the place where we started from
4Thursday's Child - Logan
Had a good time today!  The pilot of Fringe was acceptably interesting, though I'd have to see another episode to be convinced that I'd be able to watch it on a regular basis.  It was a run-of-the-mill FBI drama with a smattering of supernatural stuff thrown in; I'd have to see where they went with it. 

Got a bunch of free swag at the dealer's room, including an awesome poster tube and some cool Twilight movie stuff CEDRIC DIGGORY IS EDWARD WTF before we were thrown out by the cops, which I'm sure will happen at least once again before the con's over.  Man, when they say the room's closed, the room is fucking closed, and no lie. *amused* 

So, here is my schedule for tomorrow!  CANNOT WAIT GARETH DAVID-LLOYD YAY YAY YAY

And then we get kicked out by the cops again!  Fun times. 

Also, Crystal is coming to hang out and go to the Con and RHPS with me on Thursday and Friday!  This is going to be AWESOME. 

But for now, I am le tired.  I will go sleep, and prepare for my first day of cosplay tomorrow.  Since I am laaaame and only have the one, I just hope people will get bored of asking me for pictures. XD

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there's a house built out in space

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there's a house built out in space
HOLY SHIT THIS LINE IS ENORMOUS. We will maybe get into the Con TOMORROW AFTERNOON. wth More when we get our passes.


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