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now you're waiting by the broken wall, so am i, so am i

Okay! So, my final project for my Jerusalem: City, History and Representation was that I wanted to write a paper about physical and conceptual representations of Jerusalem in contemporary music.  So... I did!  But then I had a whole bunch of music lying around, so I threw together a few more tracks and made a full mix out of the business, and had a good time, so I figured I'd do a write-up for it properly and post it!  You can download each song individually, but there is also a .zip file at the end, for people who are lazy and/or smart.  However, I have slept three hours in the last thirty-six, and therefore I fear that there will be mistakes (if there are, please tell me!) and also that this write-up is going to be rather cursory, and also fairly silly.  ...which is what the mix dissolves into at around track twelve anyway, which makes me feel less weird about it.  So, without further ado,

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Whoo! The end! And here's the zip! That was... actually pretty fun, I hope you guys like it!
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someone call the ambulance there's gonna be an accident

Just came back from my first C25K run from the program chaobell talked about on her LJ; it was pretty okay! I didn't actually die this time, but let's see if I can do it again on Wednesday. o_o;;;

In other news, San Diego Comic-Con is in, like, two weeks you guys, WHAT THE HELL. But, this is the post for you to tell me if you want David Tennant's autograph anything from there, and how much you're willing to spend on it! I know pondyver would like one of those autographs, but I'm not sure how much they're going to be. (Usually autograph money from SDCC goes to good causes instead of into the celebrity's pockets, which is nice! But it depends.) Just check the panels/schedule/booths/whatever, and comment here, and I'll see what I can snag for you! :D

Death is swallowed up in victory.

when the world is sick can't no one be well but i dreamt we was all beautiful and strong

I made an Election Day mix! The write up is crap, I'll warn you now; a lot of these songs are more instinctive calls, because I made them in ten minutes right before I ran out the door to get into my car to drive the hour home to go vote. I'll post the track listings here, but I don't have webspace on which to upload them, so if anyone wants a zip or a song, just comment and I can e-mail it to you no problem. :D

Center of the Sun: An Election 2008 Soundtrack

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WOW SO THIS WAS SUPER LATE, ALMOST A WEEK AFTER ELECTION DAY. This write-up took me foreverrrr. Still, it was fun! I'm still so excited, it's been wonderful. 

Death is swallowed up in victory.

please believe in labor and hope and joy

There is a mighty sound in this country today. 

When I came out of the poll, walked back to my car and prepared for the second hour to an hour and a half-long drive that day back to school, I settled into the seat and rain started to fall and I turned the stereo on to the second disc of this.  As the last ten seconds of Man Bites God wound down, Could've Moved Mountains came on, and I turned it up so I could hear the soft intro and forgot it set so very loud as I turned onto the blue route to come home.  In the far left lane doing eighty to get back in time to be of any use volunteering around campus I listened as the dark rumble of the bass shook the tiny confines of the car under me, made it tremble up my ankles, low in my belly and deep in my spine as it welled up high and thick in my throat.  It swelled and ebbed as the soaring swoop of the high violins curled around the base of my skull and pressed in behind my eyes until all I could do was arch with it and laugh and find that I was weeping as the soft rolling crack-boom of the thunder of the storm into which I was driving echoed the music, sinking into my bones. 

I felt the exact same thing tonight as I stood in Thomas Great Hall as Barack Hussein Obama was declared the President-Elect and a hundred hundred voices in this place all rose up as one and screamed with ecstasy and triumph and the knowledge of the power of will.  I vibrated with it, I raised my hands and breathed it in and I laughed, crying, unstoppable and sharp with joy as feet stomped and shook the floor under me, as throats sang and shook the air. 

I felt it again in the wonderful, thunder-slide, Baptist-preacher cadences of our new President's voice as he gave his acceptance speech at midnight, the wetness in his eyes and the clear, steadying tone of his voice standing out against a sea of damp cheeks and grave, hopeful faces in Chicago, and a huddled group of damp cheeks and grave, hopeful faces in a tiny living room in Rhoads dorm on Bryn Mawr College's campus. 

I will never forget what happened here today, on this campus, at my home, in this country.  I will never be able to hear that song again without getting choked up.  I cannot recall the last time I was this happy. 

Yes, by God, you'd better believe we can. 
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