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now you're waiting by the broken wall, so am i, so am i
drace - senorita
Okay! So, my final project for my Jerusalem: City, History and Representation was that I wanted to write a paper about physical and conceptual representations of Jerusalem in contemporary music.  So... I did!  But then I had a whole bunch of music lying around, so I threw together a few more tracks and made a full mix out of the business, and had a good time, so I figured I'd do a write-up for it properly and post it!  You can download each song individually, but there is also a .zip file at the end, for people who are lazy and/or smart.  However, I have slept three hours in the last thirty-six, and therefore I fear that there will be mistakes (if there are, please tell me!) and also that this write-up is going to be rather cursory, and also fairly silly.  ...which is what the mix dissolves into at around track twelve anyway, which makes me feel less weird about it.  So, without further ado,

Because You Live in a Town that is Delicate: A Jerusalem Mix

 1. Jerusalem - Sinead O'Connor
          Sinead O'Connor is angry, you guys! I know, I was surprised too.

 2. Viva la Vida - Coldplay
          One of those songs that references Jerusalem in one line, barely, but I stuck on here anyway, because... it's my mix and I enjoy it!  SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT TOO BAD.  ...also I didn't reference it in my paper, so I feel less required to have it possess any real clearly-defined conceptual merit.

 3.Movie (Never Made) - A Silver Mt. Zion 
          This one I did reference in my paper--it is awesome, as most Silver Mt. Zion pieces are, but... upsetting.  The political climate in Israel is sad, you guys. :/

 4. Crusader - Chris de Burgh
          Another one I used!  Many thanks to ladysisyphus and sairobi .  I wish I could have found a version that wasn't live, and therefore didn't have a lot of people I don't care about yelling at each end of the track, but alas, iTunes failed me, as it did so many times in the course of this project.

 5. Jerusalem - Mirah
          Random song I found that I ended up really liking!  This... also happened a lot, when iTunes didn't fail me.

 6. Jerusalem - Antje Duvekot
          Another song I used.  And the song from which the title of this mix comes!  I enjoyed this one a lot.

 7. Jerusalem - Anouk
          Thank you, splodified !  I used this one in my actual paper, too! This is the Ladies Singing Songs Titled Jerusalem That Are About Jerusalem Section, apparently. 

 8. With a Shout (Jerusalem) - U2
          Short, but sweet!  And... a band that some other people here might know, which is always nice. 

 9. Screaming at the Wailing Wall - Flogging Molly
          The song that actually started my entire idea for this project!  And thank you, nocturnalice_66 ! I used this one also.

10. Jerusalem - Matisyahu
          Another one for which iTunes came through, but gave me absolutely no context whatsoever, so when I mentioned him in class there was sort of a mild explosion.  Scandalous, apparently.  o/~ The more you know... o/~

11. Jerusalem - Steve Earle
          Used this one too! It's country o'clock.  I didn't use a whole lot of that sort of stuff here, but I ended up kind of liking this song, so I kept it. 

12. What You Gonna Do? - Drew Bunting
          I TOLD YOU IT WAS GOING TO GET SILLY.  In other news, I love Drew Bunting and you should go buy everything he's ever recorded, the end.

13. Jerusalem - Alphaville
          Oh, how have you been, the mid-eighties!  Full of synth?  You just... keep on trucking, then, I suppose. n-no, actually I ended up adding this ironically and then liking it non-ironically, which usually only happens to me when Nick Cave is the artist in question.  Bizarre.  Regardless, I didn't use it in my paper. 

14. Elvis in Jerusalem - Moshav
          HA HA HA HA HA HA um  Yeah, iTunes pulled a coup on this one, it's actually pretty awesome, and I couldn't find the lyrics for it anywhere on the entire internet, which was a large part of why I didn't use it.  Still! Awesome!

15. Jerusalem - Dan Bern
          ...i told you it was going to get silly.  Though, it is basically impossible to get through this song without smiling, so I felt good about putting it here. 

16. This Year - The Mountain Goats
          Another song that references Jerusalem, like, once at all and many, many thanks to ladysisyphus .  And, well, for a whole bunch of other ones, but this song in particular is deeply personally important to me, and I'm glad to have been able to put it here. The end never fails to choke me up, which is why it's the song I used to end my paper and to end my mix!

...except it's not the end!  I had some extra space, which means some
~*~ Bonus Tracks ~*~

A. City of Jerusalem - Jesper Kyd (from the Assassins' Creed Original Soundtrack) 
          Assassin's Creed actually got mentioned in class once!  Which is why I put this here.  And also because Assassin's Creed is awesome, and they actually put a lot of care into mapping historical Jerusalem for an audience who... largely would not care!  But I care, and I appreciated it, even if the benches in historical Jerusalem were apparently magical and could hide you from the historical Jerusalem police.  The priest-hiding thing I got!  But the benches were weird, I'm not going to lie. 

B. Jerusalem - Joan Baez
          This is actually why I ended up liking the Steve Earle song so much--I heard this version first.  But the internet told me that Steve Earle's was the original and this was a cover, so I used Earle's for my paper, but I put the cover here!  Good ending~

C. Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem - Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar
Thank you, splodified !

Whoo! The end! And here's the zip! That was... actually pretty fun, I hope you guys like it!

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Awesome! I'll definitely check it out XD

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