there's a house built out in space


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If I stumble, I will stumble. If I fall, I will fall.

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and the days are drifting into seasons they're the harderst I have ever known
there's a house built out in space
Marvel: Secret Invasion panel time! Here with Joe Quesada, Greg Pak, Christos Gage, Chris Yost, Daniel Way, Nick Lowe, Jason , Brian Reed, Fred Van Lente, Joe Pokaski, Ivan Brandon, Peter David, Jim McCann, C.J. Sobalski.

There's a new Thunderbolds team; Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre as a creative team.

War of Kings is coming out of Secret Invasion; it's what the Who Will Rule? adverts are for. Joe Nick and Chris are all involved; it starts in August. Vulcan will play a big role, as will Havoc, Polaris and Marvel Girl.


Limited/Ongoing with Hood after SI?
Joe: Not ongoing, but Bendis really likes the Hood, so he'll be around if he's not dead or a Skrull.

What happens to revealed Skrull superheroes?
Jim: Spider-Woman gets her own series after SI, but we don't know who's in that costume, so you'll see.

How long ahead of time to you guys think this stuff up?
Joe: We have the Big Marvel Creator Summits, and then we have smaller summits; the big ones are the large brush strokes of the Marvel U, going into two, maybe two and a half years to have an idea where the universe is going.

Were any other creators besides Bendis aware that their characters were Skrulls?
Joe: Not so much; maybe a few, but it was mostly Bendis.

War of Kings? More cosmic stuff? Dazzler and Longshot?
Nick: Big summer event, and it'll involve a great deal of the cosmos will be in it. Dazzler'll be in Uncanny X-Men.

Any chance of seeing Young Avengers in anything but their series after SI.
Joe: Um... no.

...Brian Michael Bendis just called to say he's at Alan Moore's house. BOSS.

Were you thinking of SI as far back as Alias?
Brian: No.

Why did you decide to make the Beyonder an Inhuman?
Brian: That was Brian Reed's idea?

Why'd you sell out Powers?
Brian: Screw you!

You're a 21's Century Shakespeare!
Brian: You need to read more.

When will we find about the Skrull who was in House of M?
Brian: It's coming up next month.

Aand, he hung up. Awesome!

Will Cable and Deadpool reunite?
Joe: Not in the next series, no.

Hank Pym is one of the most complex and flawed characters in the Marvel Universe; are there any plans for more stuff?
Joe: We have plans for Hank further on down the road.

What is Deadpool's role in SI and what direction is his new series taking?
Daniel: Deadpool's on a mission that I can't tell you about for someone I can't tell you about and something else will happen that I can't tell you about, but after SI, Deadpool does something that puts him on everyone's radar, and it'll just be him running rampant around the Marvel U.

Any plans for Agent X and his supporting cast?
Nick: Not at this time. Sorry for all three of you out there?

Laylah Miller?
Nick: There's a one-shot in the summer, yes. I'm not in a hurry to give her an origin, but yes, she will be back in X-Factor.

How will Dr. Strange be incorporated in SI, and Scarlet Witch along with that?
Jim: He's out there; when we see him, you'll know it. No Scarlet Witch, though.

My favorite character is Hawkeye; what more are you doing with him?
Joe: Well, we'll probably kill him again. He's kind of like Kenny to me.

Any chance of the mutant YA popping up in the X-titles?
Joe: Not in the X-Titles, but you'll be seing them around.

What are you doing about getting the Punisher more mainstream?
Jim: Punisher ties in to SI in October.

Off again! Going to try to get into another Marvel panel.


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